Our Story

Welcome to Drip Co Coffee, a woman owned company where we know that the experience of a coffee lover is never complete without the perfect brew. We've created a coffee store that has something for everyone. 

Founded by Michelle Barone and Stefania Riccitelli, both coming from first generation Italian backgrounds, coffee is a natural fit. Over their love of coffee they realized they shared similar dreams and aspirations and Drip Co Coffee was born.

Our beans come from around the world and are roasted in order to bring out their natural flavors. We have a wide selection of beans that range from single origin coffees to flavored ones and some blends that will take you out of this world and where you can definitely find your next favorite coffee bean by tasting each one. Our collection includes: beans, blends, flavored coffee and accessories related gear for the connoisseur or aspiring barista or just anyone who loves a cup of coffee until the last drip. Browse our wide selection today!